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IPL 7 2014 Small Budget Opening Ceremony

IPL 7 2014 Small Budget Opening Ceremony :- Exactly opposite to what was expected out of this year’s opening ceremony of Pepsi IPL7 2014, the event is going to be a much less vibrant affair as compared to all the previous years. The Board of Control for Cricket in India(BCCI) has planned and announced that the event would be a very low affair this year, giving the allegations of spot fixing and betting as the reason for the same.

ipl 7 2014 opening ceremony guest list venue date 15 april 2014

ipl 7 2014 opening ceremony guest list venue date 15 april 2014

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Ipl 7 2014 Opening Ceremony


According to sources, it is being said that on an average BCCI has spent around 25 Crore on IPL 7 opening ceremonies in the previous years. But, this year it is said to be trimmed down to 40% i.e. it would go down to as low as 15 Crore. A member of IPL governing council on the name of anonymity told us that the things have been kept simple, modest and in low budget because too much glitz may again put questions about source of revenue and IPL has already been receiving a lot of negative attention lately.

BCCI Secretary, Sanjay Patel confirmed the news of Cricket Governing body not spending much on the opening ceremony this year saying, we do not want to shift the focus from the game to the things around it. He also hinted about the substantial cut in the budget for the opening ceremony of IPL7. The reasons that could be seen in the current scenario for this trimmed budget is not only the tournament being under allegations but, also the venue shift. As the game’s initial matches would be played in the three international venues in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

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According to sources this shift would squeeze revenues, which again could be another reason for this low budget opening ceremony. In fact it has come to our knowledge that the franchises are also finding ways to cover up for the revenue loss due to the initial games scheduled abroad. The court recently criticized the functioning and forced the sport governing body i.e. BCCI to replace it’s president N. Srinivasan, with former cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. The news of court not allowing participation of two teams namely Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings has been doing rounds lately due to accusations of betting and spot fixing on executives of these teams. Until now when the court has given the interim order and has allowed the participation of these two teams as well.

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